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A major Asian achievement for the first time!!!

The Japanese born and raised R&B singer AISHA has made a worldwide debut into the foreign markets by collaborating with ZUMBA (an international dance X fitness program) More than 15 million people take weekly ZUMBA classes across 185 countries. AISHA - a national R&B sensational icon, popular among the young girls and women of this generation, will release the REMIX for MAKE LOVE on June 26th The song will feature the very creator of ZUMBA Fitness : Beto Perez.

The original version of “MAKE LOVE” is from AISHA’ s 2nd album “PINK DIAMOND” however the REMIX version feat. BETO PEREZ has been chosen as the theme song for ZUMBA. The music video was filmed in Miami, the very place ZUMBA has located it’ s major organization upon.

The music video was filmed by AISHA’ s Japanese team & director Tatsuaki (which has also shot AISHA’ s “Candy Love” & “AIniikuyo” ). The Miami based film crew : TRISTARK productions collaborated together. In the video we can see the beautiful Beaches, famous graffiti areas, and the beautiful Miami skyline. Also, the top level ZIN dancers of ZUMBA danced the choreography of “MAKE LOVE” and brought a fun positive vibe to the video to enhance the energy of ZUMBA.

There will be a RELEASE PARTY for AISHA’ s “MAKE LOVE” EP on July 22nd at TOKYO, SHIBUYA, HARLEM 「BORN FREE」Event.

AISHA will also perform at the Zumba Instructor Convention 2016 held in Orlando, Florida from July 28th ~ 31st. The same stage PITBULL and SHAKIRA has performed perviously.


(Lyrics:AISHA/BETO PEREZ Music:GUNHEAD/Ryosuke Imai)

M-2. 「CANDY LOVE」(English Ver.)
(Lyrics:AISHA Music:Tasuku Maeda/Ryosuke Imai)

M-3. 「BAD BOY」(English Ver.)
(Lyrics:AISHA Music:Tasuku Maeda/AISHA)

M-4. 「MAKE LOVE」(Original Ver.)
(Lyrics:AISHA Music:GUNHEAD/Ryosuke Imai)

☆Official Music Video